The City of Los Angeles Chooses PrimeGov to Optimize and Digitize Their Legislative Processes

Written by Tom Spengler, Executive Chairman @ PrimeGov

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolitan city and is at the epicenter of the nation’s film and television industry. The city spans 503 square miles, making it larger than New York City 

Being home to 3.99 million (2018) residents brings challenges to effectively managing city meetings, procedures, and communication with its large population. The officials at the city of LA searched to find a perfect solution provider at the forefront of technology and who understood the city’s needs at its core, and PrimeGov answered their call.

We are excited, proud, and thankful to the city of Los Angeles for choosing PrimeGov. We want to give them a warm welcome to our family.  

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The city of LA had unique set of requirements, and we would like to walk you through our process of bringing them onboard.  

the What (defining customer needs) 

At PrimeGov, we pride ourselves in taking the time to understand customer needs. Our CEO, Sherif Agib’s consultative approach on discovering customer needs resonates throughout the company:  

“Keeping in mind that every customer has varying needs, we spend time asking pertinent questions to clients to precisely understand their business processes and determine their needs related to use cases, workflows, approvals, and alerting mechanisms. 

The larger sizediverse population, and high frequency of city meetings present the following challenges for the city of Los Angeles 

  • Large Number of Meetings: The city conducts three council meetings per week and needs a product to match the meetings' complexity and frequency.   
    • There is a flurry of activity behind the scenes to facilitate meeting preparation and finalization. Since LA conducts more meetings than a typical city, it amplifies the work city clerks must do before, during, and after the meetings 
  • Limited Platform Flexibility:   
    • The city has a population with diverse needs and requirements. They needed a platform that could promptly adjust to meet its citizens' growing expectations. 

The city’s unique requirements present a challenging opportunity for us, and PrimeGov’s team is up for the challenge. 

the Why (why they chose PrimeGov) 

The city needed an experienced partner who understood their needs and be an ongoing advisor 

PrimeGov brings a unique set of industry and product experience to the table:  

  • Domain Expertise: Our leadership team brings 20+ years of hands-on experience in building software for the local governments.  
  • Unrivaled Platform: Our comprehensive, modern, and cloud-based platform enables local governments to manage their legislative processes effortlessly.   
  • Flexible Approach: Our flexible approach towards developing tailored functionality for our customers, e.g., custom search tags for the city of LA 
  • Responsive Customer Support: Our customer-first support is there to provide any ongoing help for our clients.  

The city officials appreciate PrimeGov’s hands-on approach, one on one service, and commitment to success.  

the How (how we fulfill their requirements) 

Now comes the exciting part – how did we provide solutions for their needs. 

  • Our engineering team worked closely with LA to transition their entire legislative process into a single, secure cloud-based solution.
  • A snapshot of highlighted features LA uses to digitize their legislative process (not limited to) 
    • Flexible & Customizable Agenda Templates: The city officials can customize any agenda templates for on-going meeting management needs. 
    • Bulk Signature: The mayor's ability to sign all approved documents with a click of a button. 
    • Advanced Search: Custom search parameters for residents to discover how each council member voted on specific items. 
    • Email Subscription: Enable LA residents to effortlessly subscribe to various lists based on topics and keywords.  
    • Video Solution: high-definition cloud-based video solution to meet speed and agility requirements.  

We are proud to partner with the city of Los Angeles and work with city officials who are the change-agents and understand the importance of technology to facilitate and optimize government processes 

The city of Los Angeles – Welcome to the PrimeGov family. We promise to take good care of you and be your reliable partner in this journey.  



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