PrimeGov Recognized Among Top Ten Government Tech Startups

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PrimeGov, a provider of legislative management solution for local governments, is ecstatic to announce that we are recognized as one of the Top 10 Government Tech Startups by Government CIO Outlook. The list includes startups that are at the forefront of providing technology solutions for the local government 

Tom Spengler, Executive Chairman at PrimeGov, says, 

This honor is a testament of how we achieve our mission to empower the local governments by automating the legislative processes so they can improve accountability, increase efficiency, and reduce cost.

Over the past several years, agenda management and streaming media providers that serve municipal clerks have merged into larger technology platforms. Therefore, resulting in a lack of product innovation, diverted customer care efforts, and diluted domain expertise in supporting municipal clerks. 

Furthermore, today’s tech-savvy citizens expect the same level of agility and responsiveness in communication from local governments as they would from top tech companies such as Google, Uber, and Amazon.  

At PrimeGov, we empower local governments with an end-to-end cloud-based legislative management solution for committee management, agenda automation, meeting management, community engagement, and video streaming 

Our solution helps local governments to: 

  • Improve Accountability 
    • Keep all the stakeholders aligned and accountable for all the meeting materials by enforcing agenda submission deadlines, utilizing templates to ensure quality and uniform submissions, and workflow status visible to all. 
  • Save Time 
    • Reduce errors and eliminate troubleshooting time by replacing poorly integrated concoction of in-house and 3rd party solutions with an end-to-end legislative management solution. 
  • Enhance Accuracy
    • Eliminate error-prone paper-based manual processes of tracking submissions and approvals before, during, and after the meetings.  
  • Increase Efficiency
    • Eliminate hours spent gathering, reconciling, printing, and distributing meeting packages. Standardize and digitize your fragmented processes in a single and secure platform. 
  • Embrace Transparency
    • Empower your citizens to access and consume all the meeting documents at any time at their discretion. Increase citizen involvement through virtual meetings and video streaming. 

We understand that every customer has unique needs; our platform's agility and capability enable us to service any local government’s needs impeccably.

Government CIO Outlook adds,  

“The platform has brought automation and ROI to the market, creating transparency with video streaming, securing meeting records, and making the information available online for the benefit of elected officials and the communities they serve.” 

The local governments are in dire need of a one-stop solution that fulfills all their agendas, meetings, and community management needs.  

By eliminating traditional communication roadblocks and duct-tape solutions, PrimeGov empowers local governments to focus on what matters―driving change in their communities.

Read the full article at Government CIO Outlook 

About Government CIO Outlook 

Government CIO Outlook is a technology magazine based in Fremont, CA that focuses on the trends, challenges, and opportunities for CIOs to deliver an efficient technology-driven services and operations in enabling smart governance. We are a platform that reflects the underlying challenges in IT adoption in the government.   

- Vishal Kalia, Marketing Director @ PrimeGov

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