Webinar - Results of 2020 Legislative Management Market Study

Legislative Management in the Era of Digital Citizenry


2020 market study: our key findings

Webinar Summary:

In this webinar, hosted by our Executive Chairman, Tom Spengler, we presented the results of our 2020 Legislative Management Market Study. Study participants were asked to share information about the types of legislative management technologies they are using today, their satisfaction level with specific features, and recommendations for future product features and enhancements.

Below is a summary of some of our study key findings, but you can download our whitepaper to receive all of the data and key insights from our study.

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Key Market Study Insights: 

Customer Satisfaction Chart

1. 75% of Respondents have had their solution for 3+ years, despite historically low satisfaction levels. We found that the NPS score across the industry was a -55, with 71% of respondents identifying as detractors (instead of promoters) of their current vendor.

2. Workflow tools are not being successfully implemented to meet the goal of substantial time savings by staff. Only one-third of respondents are using more than one workflow in their solution, despite these tools being available in the marketplace for two decades.

3. The most important features to our survey participants are Document templates (rated 8.1 out of 10) and Minutes Clean Up tools (rated 8.2 out of 10).

4. In general, product innovation has stagnated in the marketplace, receiving an average satisfaction score of 4.6 out of 10.

In summary, there is a significant opportunity to connect at a deeper level with users of legislative management software, and to deliver a product experience that is more closely aligned with their day-to-day actions and terminology.

As two of our survey participants put it:

"Beta test with real users so you call things what they would call them, and program things to make work easier for the user."

"The biggest problem I've seen with various agenda software is the people creating the program don't understand how we actually work and use the programs."

The PrimeGov team would like to thank all of our participants for taking the time to share their feedback with us. We are inspired to do better and committed to creating the best possible experience for our customers.